Dysport in Rochester, IL

High-Quality Dysport Injections in Rochester, IL

Having a youthful appearance can be a goal for both men and women. As your skin ages, maintaining a perfect complexion becomes more difficult, even with maintenance. This occurs because your collagen reproduction isn’t as abundant as when you’re younger. Collagen is a protein that helps boost firm, healthy skin production while also improving problem areas.

If you’ve noticed your skin isn’t recovering like it used to or you have fine lines and wrinkles, you have options. If you don't want plastic surgery for better-looking skin, you may wish to consider Dysport injections. These injections are beneficial because they interrupt the signals between your skin and nerves that cause the muscle contractions responsible for wrinkling.

If you’ve decided to search for Dysport near me, have your treatments done at the Illinois wellness center that many residents trust. Absolut Aesthetics & Wellness Medspa, can give you the skin you’ve dreamed of by boosting your inner and outer beauty. Our staff includes experienced medical professionals like Courtney Wilbern, the founder, with an MS in nursing.

What Happens During Dysport Treatments?

As a first-time patient, it’s normal to be anxious before receiving your injections. During your appointment, your technician will start by thoroughly cleaning your skin. The injection procedure involves injecting small needles slightly above and between your eyebrows, so you will also be offered numbing cream before treatment.

Once the area is numb, you’ll have your treatment injected. Most sessions rarely exceed 20 minutes. From there, you can continue with your regular daily routine. Keep in mind, that you will notice some swelling for a few days before witnessing your desired results. Also, your technician will give you advice on how to take care of yourself during the healing process. They’ll also offer tips to maintain your Dysport results between treatments.

Remember, these results are temporary, so you must repeat this process every three to four months to maintain your desired appearance.

Finding Dysport Near Me

When improving your skin, it's best to work with someone you trust. Entrusting the wrong technician to perform your injections can not only be detrimental to your self-confidence; it can also be dangerous. If you’re in the Rochester, IL area and searching for Dysport near me, team up with Absolut Aesthetics & Wellness Medspa to ensure your face is in good hands.

Absolut Aesthetics & Wellness Medspa uses professional expertise to provide the most up-to-date beauty services and a comfortable environment. Our hospitality makes us an asset to patients of all backgrounds, which is why we have a great reputation. If you’re in the Rochester, IL area and you want more information on your treatment options, be sure to contact us and set up a consultation on our website today.