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Aging gracefully? For most women and a few men, that is a seemingly absurd idea. After all, not everyone can age as well as a supermodel. A lot of people experience sagging skin on various areas of their face, neck, and bodies. The truth is that you have plenty of options to skip this part of aging completely. With the latest skin tightening procedures, you can maintain a much more youthful face and body for longer than you thought possible.

Services for Skin Tightening in Illinois

Absolut Aesthetics & Wellness Medspa offers the most recent technology to improve the appearance of sagging skin. We use micro-needling, a unique service that delivers radiofrequency waves underneath your skin with tiny needles injected just under the surface of the skin. Your skin responds to the needles and waves by contracting the muscles underneath and boosting collagen production to help fill in lines and fill out hollow spaces in your face.

The result is smooth skin over tighter muscles, something only seen in much younger skin and muscle tissue. The results last a long time too. Most patients do not have to return for another treatment for months to a year after they have achieved desired results. Some patients may see their results last even longer than that. The benefits leave you with little downtime and faster recovery than traditional plastic surgery.

Micro Needling RF Skin Tightening Is Safe for All Skin Types

People with damaged or highly sensitive skin find that other skin tightening products or treatments are not for them. The products can cause more dermatological issues, while the treatments, like cryo-lipo, cause major discomfort. While there is a little bit of pain involved with the micro-needles, most clients report not feeling much because of the numbing agents used. Bruising is possible, but that heals quickly because the needles used are so small.

Super-sensitive skin types can also use these treatments without worry. The needles are sterile and made of surgical-grade materials. With clean skin, it is next to impossible to develop infection or rashes as nothing is injected into the skin. The results of treatment are the body's reaction to the needling and radiofrequency waves, something your body would already do in response to minor injuries.

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