Sciton BBL HERO in Sherman, IL

BBL HERO Near Me in Sherman, Illinois

Aging spots, acne, unwanted hair, and sun damage are all frustrating imperfections of the skin, and they are difficult to properly address with marketed creams and everyday maintenance. Fortunately, Aesthetics ~ Wellness at Ophthalmology Center of Illinois offers a highly versatile treatment designed to treat skin blemishes, like pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, and more. Sciton BBL HERO (High Energy Rapid Output) technology provides you with a quick and effective method to treat troublesome areas of the skin.

What Is BBL HERO Technology?

BBL (Broad Band Light) HERO technology is a device that uses light therapy to provide solutions to various cosmetic imperfections on the skin. This device can address uneven pigmentation, aging skin, acne, or undesired hair in just a few treatments.

This treatment offers one of the most advanced light therapy methods on the market. The revolutionary technology delivers four times the speed, three times the power, and two times the cooling of other devices, putting you on the fast track to flawless skin.

How Does BBL HERO Help?

BBL HERO works great to address multiple areas of concern and can be used for a variety of treatments and on many different skin types.

The Forever Bare treatment is great for permanent hair removal on your face, underarms, legs, and more. This process consists of as little as six treatments. The Forever Body treatment improves the symptoms of aging skin, like sunspots and redness, and improves the skin’s overall appearance in just one to three sessions.

The Forever Young BBL Advanced Corrective Treatment addresses sun damage and redness while improving the skin’s appearance with only around one week of downtime and annual maintenance treatments. Forever Clear targets both active acne and acne scarring, using three types of light to attack bacteria, reduce inflammation, improve scarring, and initiate the body’s healing process. All of this is possible in just four to six sessions.

Ultimately, the potential of BBL therapy is nearly limitless, providing you with an effective option for addressing the imperfections on your skin, whatever they may be.


To learn more about BBL Hero, contact us at Aesthetics Wellness serving Sherman, Illinois. Schedule a free consultation to determine if this treatment is right for you and develop a plan to address your areas of concern. Our team is here to help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin. In the search for “BBL HERO near me,” look no further than Aesthetics Wellness for an experienced team ready to help.